Unfortunately, we have to reckon with Corona again this year. There is no way around it. Hopefully it will not become a regular part of your vacation.

We don’t like that we can’t give you a hand or a hug. But we have to keep the social distance. Yet behind „our masks“ still hides that same warm smile, which stands for our hospitality, which has been welcoming our guests for years. We do not guarantee you a sterile studio, hotels are clearly not hospitals. But we have managed to make measures and adjustments that make it safe.

Like all accommodations that are open in Greece, we also had to follow a Corona Hygiene course with a certificate. We are committed to following the Greek Corona measures.

We have followed closely the updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Greek Ministry of Health and the Greek Ministry of Tourism, as well as the Greek government guidelines regarding protection against the Covid-19.

Every day we work hard to ensure that we comply with the latest hygiene and cleaning guidelines. We follow all the rules and we comply with the official hygiene and safety protocols established by the Greek authorities.

That is why we have adjusted our house rules.

You will find all the measures in your accommodation upon arrival.

  • Safety protocols have been drawn up. Footscapes is certified and follows the guidelines of the Greek government.
  • We use cleaning products and hygiene protocols with the highest international standards. In the bungalows, we use disinfectant products and health protocols to clean rooms, paying particular attention to high-touch items.
  • We have removed the decorative cushions, the mats, the bedspread, the sofa cushions and the tablecloth and the extra blankets.
  • Our linens and towels are washed at 70C and treated according to safety protocols.
  • Each studio has a number of safety products such as hand sanitizer gel, etc.
  • We try to keep our presence in your accommodation to a minimum. As a result, we have organized or adjusted the cleaning schedule and changing the linen differently in accordance with the safety protocols.
  • We note more of your personal data about you on arrival in order to simplify a possible corona contact search.
  • We inform and encourage all our guests to adhere to proper social distance rules inside and outside our buildings.
  • We strictly adhere to check-in (3:00 pm) and check-out (11:00 am) times so that each room can be properly cleaned, disinfected and ventilated.
  • If ordered , we provide breakfast for you in your accommodation, not in the communal area.
  • Each studio has its own covers for the pool’s sunbeds.
  • The chlorine content in the pool is higher but within the permitted values.
  • If you are feeling unfit and have symptoms of Covid 19, report it us. We are obliged to inform a doctor who will come for a consultation and a possible test. Footscapes works with a physician (well trained and certified, including for COVID-19 cases), who is responsible for every possible guest with corona who stays with us. If you are tested positive shortly after your stay with us, please let us know.
  • It is not allowed to receive visitors from outside the accommodation.
  • It is possible that you will be allocated a different (similar) accommodation, due to the need to have a free studio available for guests who are suspected of corona or have tested positive.

Keep in mind:
• That it is your responsibility to report to us any symptoms you have, including those that are less severe.
• It is your responsibility to report to us if you believe you have been in contact with a potentially infected person.

The above measures are valid until further notice and can be updated according to the instructions of the Greek government.

Enjoy a SAFE STAY!