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Guests of Footscapes of Crete stays in one of three modern bungalow. Each is primarily designed for two people, although a third can be accommodated using a foldaway bed.

There is ample room for 2/3 adults (40 square metres per villa), and the spacious feel is enhanced by the open plan design. Two of the bungalows are twin – bedded, the other having a double bed. Each has a comfortable living area, a shower room and a fully equipped kitchen with oven/hob and fridge.

Each bungalow is air-conditioned for summer, but also has a cosy open fire for autumn and winter, as well as full central heating. The showers are powerful and not just a dribble; there is ample hot water, with or without sunshine; the kitchen is fully equipped with a proper cooker and all utensils necessary to cook an evening meal and not simply heat a tin of soup.

We provide all linen and towels (incl. beach towels).

There are two private patios for each bungalow, affording marvellous views to the White Mountains in the west, the Sea of Crete to the North and Mount Psiloritis to the east. The sunsets over the White Mountains are incredible. If you tired of the stunning views, there is a selection of books and games in each bungalow. In front of the studios there is a wonderful swimmningpool. Cooling down in the pool, after a nice day out, with marvelous views is like being in paradise. Or just spend a day on a sunbed with a good book and a cold drink; whatever you prefer.

Our bungalows have been licensed by EOT, the Greek Tourist Authority (Lic. No. MHTE 1041K123K0319500, protocol 2527/2011) and comply with all necessary regulations including fire certification.


We gave the bungalows names of the three gods of light, because the light is breathtaking during your stay at Footscapes.


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