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By request we can arrange longer walks to beautiful places, various countryside and spectacular scenes. All these walks are very different.

All the walks are about 9 á 10 miles (13 á 15 km). Most of the times we will drive to the starting point which takes us to the most beautiful places of this area of Crete. Most walks can take whole day. We have lots of time to make photos from the landscape or flowers if we want to. We can stop at places to visit a museum or a monastery. These walks are sometimes rather tough and deserve a good physical condition. Sometimes we walk along good tracks (sometimes the E4 track). But we use also the ancient donkey-tracks (kalderimi), go cross-country or climb boulders in a gorge.

Here we give you some examples of the long-walks we offer.

Exploring the donkey trails around Zouridi and Lappa

A moderate to tough walk through pleasant countryside, visiting three villages and using mainly donkey trails. We walk through small villages and take beautiful trails, which winds through a lovely wooded area and eventually arrives at the village of Argyroupolis (ancient Lappa) in time for lunch. We have time for a good look round the village, visiting the Roman mosaic and perhaps doing some shopping in the Lappa avocado shop. We leave Lappa via the Roman road to the spring and necropolis.

Valleys, Flowers and Fossils around Koumi

A pleasant walk through the countryside around Koumi. We will walk through three very different valleys and spot lots of fossils showing how this part of Crete was once under the sea. We walk along an old kalderimi, into the valley bottom, and then walk up the hill the other side to the village of Fotinós. From here we walk along a delightful track which winds gradually down to another valley bottom. In the spring this is also a perfect place to spot flowers and we have seen a good variety of orchids.

Bonripari - Pirates & Fortresses! 

This is a real flower spotters walk and in spring particularly there are many different flowers and trees as we pass along.  This walk starts from Footscapes, turning right along the E4 footpath. We walk through open countryside to the ruined 13th C fortress at Bonripari. A brief stop at the top of the fortress gives us a chance to see masses of flowers and, if lucky, vultures and kestrels.  We walk uphill towards a small chapel with some lovely views, then continue on the track to Ano Malaki. Then via the mule track, we reach the bottom of the valley, emerging into an open area of countryside with some lovely views. We continue into the village of Ano Valsemonero where we can have a drink at the Kafenion. 

You can also look at our shorter walks.