Short walks

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By request to lovely places in the immediate vicinity. All the walks are about 3 hours, approximately 7 km or 4½ miles, and they are all circular. We leave from the front gate of Footscapes and return the same way. Although the walks are not particularly tough, you still need to be in reasonable physical condition. 

Here we give you some examples of the short-walks we offer.

Myli Gorge.





It is well preserved and quite easy to walk. The Myli gorge is a stunning green oasis near the town of Rethymno. It is a ravine which hosts a huge number of plants and trees, a real botanic garden. At the middle of the canyon we meet the deserted village of Myli.

 Walk to the beautiful Byzantine church of Agia Pareskevi.





A nice walk through the beautiful countryside of Crete. At the halfway point we stop at the beautiful Byzantine church of Agia Pareskevi where there is also a picnic-place. Perhaps we can spot some Griffon Vultures on our way. Once here, we can rest, enjoy the exterior of the 12th Century church, examine the pre-Christian spring area, and drink from the well. After this we follow the road back to Footscapes.


 Walk to Ano Valsamonero and back via the Bonripari Castle.

A great walk through the  amazing 'backyard" of Footscapes of Crete. We start by walking along the E4 footpath towards Monopari. An easy walk almost all the way downhill. In the characteristic village of Ano Valsemonero there is a typical Cretan kafenion (cafe-bar) where we can buy a drink and rest our feet. After our break we walk back to Monopari and take the path to the Bonripari Castle.We take time to enjoy the landscape and can also climb the rock to have an even more spectacular views

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