Two vultures hover over the hills. Your eyes follow their graceful movements.
Looking towards Mount Kedros, which does not seem to be impressed by its big brother, Psyloritis, you experience a benevolent peace.
You look over your shoulder and catch a glimpse of the majestic Lefka Ori. The snow is still on the flanks.
In the distance, you can hear a shepherd driving his flock, the bells of the goats and the barking of the dog give it away.
Above the olive grove and the Valonia oak woods, you can hear the swallows and finches chirping.
The yellow flowers of the sorrel are in bloom. A few more minutes and the wild anemones and the orchids will follow. As the wind blows against the mountains, white lens clouds gather above the white peaks.
On the Aegean Sea, you can see the fishing boats sailing out. The soft light changes the colour of the azure water. Meanwhile, a villager dressed in black is picking wild vegetables and herbs along the path. You can smell the scent of rosemary and lavender.
You are on Footscapes of Crete

Footscapes of Crete has a central location on the island.
It makes it possible to visit a large part of the island without spending hours on the road. The beaches in both the north and south can be reached within 25 minutes.

Footscapes of Crete is located near the village of Kástellos, close to Armenoi on the route between Rethymnon (12 km) in the north with Spili further south.
“Footscapes of Crete” is within walking distance of the village of Kástellos. Kástellos has a Taverna, where you can eat well. Here you experience the Cretan hospitality. Where you will enjoy the traditional Cretan kitchen, while drinking some wine and raki. Chances are that owner Vasillis will join you to drink a raki with you, while he is discussing with you the world’s problems. After drinking the necessary alcohol, these seem a lot less …

In the neighbouring village of Armenoi there are several restaurants, supermarkets, the bakery and all kinds of amenities to meet your daily needs.