About us


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Let us introduce ourselves,

We are Ria Swinkels and Jeroen Wouters.

We are 59 years old and have spend years as social worker and worked in the mental health care sector.
We lived in the south of the Netherlands and for many years we have been totally in love with the beautiful Greece. During our holidays with our mobil-home we visited different parts of Greece. We were amazed of the beauty of the country and the boundless hospitality of the Greeks.

Greeks think otherwise, it's all a bit more "siga siga" (quietly). Filótimo (φιλότιμο) is a word that exists in no other language and literally means "friend of honor ', but in fact it describes a complex set of virtues. By this virtues Greek people try to life. It defines and regulates how one should behave in relation to others. It is mainly about respect and doing the right thing. In its simplest form it means "doing good." It shows what kind of person you are and the way you were raised. Filótimo is a way of life.

We dreamed of it to build a new life here. For years we have been looking for opportunities to begin in this wonderful country something for ourselves.

Since January 2015 we are the proud owners of "Footscapes of Crete".

With our enthusiasm and creativity combined with the Greek way of life, we hope to offer our guests an unforgettable vacation.