Welcome to our website.

We are Jeroen Wouters and Ria Swinkels, owners of “Footscapes of Crete”.

After years of working in mental health and welfare work, the desire arose to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. When the opportunity presented itself, we went for it. Since January 2015 we are the proud owners of “Footscapes of Crete”. 

Partly due to our Dutch sobriety, we have succeeded in creating a beautiful accommodation in a magical place. An oasis of peace, in the immediate vicinity of a busy city.

It was with great pleasure that we were able to realize an eco pool and a glamping Pod at Footscapes. The icing on the cake.

We try to do our work with respect for nature as much as possible. Very slowly the realization is also coming to Crete that we have to be frugal on Mother Earth.
Unfortunately, there are not many options here in the use of eco products. But where possible, we use natural resources and where we fail, we try to use fewer products that detract from our beautiful surroundings.

We are certainly not fanatic drammers or eco activists, we just want our beautiful earth to be habitable for our grandchildren, Max, Morris and Roemer. We hope that our guests can share this vision and also treat our nature respectfully.

As lovers of the beautiful Cretan landscape, we find that in these times people too often forget to reflect on the beauty that nature has to offer us. Stop and smell the scent of the cyst roses, lavender, thyme and rosemary in our garden. Feel free to pick them and use them in tea or cooking.

The view here is phenomenal. The location is beautiful, but unfortunately every photo of it detracts from reality. So you have to see it with your own eyes …

Shift down a gear, take a rest and enjoy. “Siga siga” as the Greeks say.
But don’t be afraid, you are not completely cut off from the outside world. We have WIFI …

Enjoy our Footscapes and make it your Footscapes!