For many generations it has been customary in Crete to look for edible plants in the wild, as a supplement to the daily diet or for their medicinal properties. During the foraging walks with our local taverna owner Vassilis you will get to know this ancient tradition. He teaches you, in his own particular way, the applications of what nature offers us.
Depending on the season, you can pick mushrooms, wild asparagus, arugula, dandelions, artichokes, berries, nuts, vlita and much more. Everything depends, of course, on what nature produces at that moment. Sometimes he takes you to his farm or to a family who still make the famous Myzithra cheese from their sheep’s milk in the traditional way.
On their return, Katerina, Vassilis’ wife, prepares the picked harvest for a full lunch, washed down with, of course, a glass of local raki…

In short, a nice experience, which you will talk about for a long time.