-If you like walking in nature, you are just in the right spot. We can provide you maps and routes. We even offer guided walks which will take you to the most beautiful spots in the area.

We can assure you that all our walks are exclusive, they are all very different and they are all beautiful.
Along the way you may meet local people who are really amazed and proud that you are visiting their village. Sometimes, however, we can walk through deserted gorges and countryside without seeing anyone.
Just to give you some examples of the exclusive walks we provide to our guests of Footscapes of Crete only.

Examples Short walks:
A lovely walk through the Myli Gorge. About 7 km, 4 hours walk, including cardrive
We drive, by car, about 20 minutes to the entrance of the gorge.
We climb this beautiful gorge on a good track. It is well preserved and quite easy to walk. The Myli gorge is a stunning green oasis near the town of Rethymno. It is a ravine which hosts a huge number of plants and trees, a real botanic garden. We walk through a deserted village in the middle of the gorge.

A quite easy walk to Armenoi and the late Minoan cemetery. About 8 km, 3 á 4 hours
This is a very nice walk, starting from Footscapes through beautiful olive groves to Armenoi. Just before entering the village, we take a left turn to the Late Minoan Cemetery of Armenoi.
This area is covered with wildflowers in springtime. You can find all sorts of wild Orchids and other colourful flowers.

Examples Longer Walks:
Frescoed Churches around Mourne and Frati. About 15 km. 5 á 6 hours.

This walk brings us through lovely countryside exploring the numerous frescoed churches in this area. We drive to the village of Mixorrouma, close to Spili to start the walk.
Walking up to the pretty village of Mourné we arrive at the first frescoed church, and probably the most well preserved of them all. From here we continue to climb gradually until we reach a dip on the ridge with some lovely views of a hidden valley and gorge. Our second Church is in a delightful sheltered glade, which provides us with a pleasant stop for a drink, before walking on through olive groves to the valley floor where we find the next church. This is particularly interesting as there are no less than three churches in the space of a few hundred yards.

The gorges of Kato Poros and Moundros About 14 km, 5 á 6 hours

This is a walk which takes us in two spectacular, but very different, gorges. Between the gorges we will have time for our lunch and when we return to our starting point, we can have a cold drink in a Kafenion.
We start the walk at a lovely mountainvillage; Moundros and walk up the plateau to a deserted village of Nisi. We will stop here, visiting a small church and exploring the ruins and the old olive press. From here we drop into the gorge of Kato Poros. This is a rough track and involves walking over and around boulders on the river bed. Sometimes we descend and climb via an old kalderimi (donkey trail) or we may climb some boulders in a gorge. After this gorge we walk back to Moundros through our second gorge. Hopefully we can see some vultures leaving their nest.

There is more information of some other walks in your bungalow.

Are you interested in doing a guided walk with me ?