One of our favourites is to start your day in your pyjamas with a delicious breakfast on one of your bungalow terraces (not included).
We love to prepare this for you with tasty things from our own region. You can choose from a generous standard breakfast or a more luxurious version.

Crete is too versatile not to explore, over the years we have discovered many hidden gems. Places where you as a tourist usually walk past. Jeroen likes to take you with him on his walks, where he enthusiastically explains about flora and fauna, life here and the cultural highlights. Crete from the inside. We offer several beautiful walkingtrips with Jeroen as guide

Or go out on your own, walk to the Minoan cemetery in Armenoi. In your bungalow you will find a lot of information for walks in the direct surroundings with the most beautiful spots.

New this year is the foraging walkingtour.  During the foraging walkingtour with our local taverna owner Vassilis you will learn everything nature has to offer. He teaches you, in his own particular way, the applications of what nature offers us

Also new, yoga and massage. Massage or yoga as icing on the cake after a long walk or after a lazy day at the beach … the ultimate relaxation.

Pack your swimming gear and take a road trip along beautiful highlights. There is so much to discover. And on the way, stop regularly to cool off in the sea at the many beautiful beaches.
Thanks to our central location, it is possible to discover a large part of the island on various day trips.

Are you, like us, also an enthusiastic geocacher? Crete also has many caches. Even in the direct surroundings of Footscapes. Use our car routes and take our backpack with handy tools for a day of geocaching.

Discover the beautiful and hidden bays on the south coast.
Start in Plakias and continue to Kalipso beach, Damnoni beach, Ammoudaki beach, Kleidisi, Ammoudi beach and Schinaria. Each beach has its own charm. The rough rocky surroundings are striking.
A contrast to the beaches in the north, where there are also kilometres of sandy beaches. It is never crowded, only on Sundays because the Greeks themselves go to the beach then. From Rethymno to the west, you will find Gerani cave, Petres beach, Episkopi beach, Kera, Geropotamos beach and Kalami beach. If you drive further west towards Chania, you will find even more long deserted beaches.

Visit towns in the area, such as Rethymno, just 12 km away. An old Venetian town with numerous shops, restaurants and terraces. But also museums and the magnificent Fortezza, not forgetting the beach with its promenade and old harbour.
Or Spili, a mountain village that is remarkably green, because it lies at the foot of the mountain Kedros and therefore gets more water. It is a very atmospheric village with the lazy-duck fountains.
Take a guided tour of Maravel’s garden. And visit the shops of Maravel, full of herbs and natural products.
All the villages have their history and their peculiarities. Something for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Crete. In your studio you will find books full of information about Crete in various languages, walking routes but also books to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

And for the avid birdwatchers, bring your binoculars! Around Footscapes several species of vultures nest, we regularly spot the hoopoe and from April onwards we witness the flying of large swarms of bee-eaters. And this is only a small part of the different species that visit us regularly.

Don’t forget to unwind and simply enjoy your bungalow, the picking garden with its fruit and vegetables and the swimming pool, the peace and quiet and the fascinating view.